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You've reached this page because someone gave you Bitcoins in a bill like this one.

What's Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to pay anyone anywhere in the world at a very low cost, with funds reaching the receiving party in an hour or less.

Who accepts Bitcoin?

Thousands of people and companies accept bitcoin on the internet and on brick and mortar stores, here's a map with some of them, courtesy of Coinmap.org.

To start having bitcoins you have to create a wallet and fund it with the bill you've received.

1. Visit https://blockchain.info/wallet and create a new wallet.

2. Click on the Import/Export option and then Scan with Webcam. Place your private key QR code in front of your webcam. (It's the square on the right side of your bill, the one that says 'Pay')

3. Your bitcoins should appear now in your wallet balance. To try your wallet out you can send bitcoins to yourself to the new bitcoin address provided by blockchain.info.

If you want to buy more bitcoin or if you want to trade yours for a different currency you can find someone to trade with at ConectaBitcoin or you can signup to Bitex.la and trade in real time.

¿Need help? You can find help in these facebook groups, the bitcoin community is always open to help newcomers.
Bitcoin General
Bitcoin Singapore
Bitcoin.org Oficial Page

Want to share Bitcoin?

Visit this page from your computer and print your own bills on thebitcointip.com

Print your own Bills

Print your own bills and load them with as many bitcoins you want sending from your wallet to their public address (the QR code on the left). Each bill is unique, you can create as many as you want.

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